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Braies mid-length
Mid-length linen braies.
Two eyelets reveal the waistband to tie separate socks. Inverted U pattern with 1 central piece.

Sources :
- Sainte-Geneviève Bible. France, 1370BNF
- Vaticinia de summis pontificibus
- Latin 10834 f.11r, 15th century

Possible options :
- visible handmade seams
- material : linen or hemp

Price : from 43€
Men's shirt - 14 & 15th century
Shirt valid for the 14th and 15th century.
They become shorter than the 13th century shirt to follow the fashion.
Different shapes of collar are possible, with amigaut (slit), v-neck, round collar.The shape is trapezoidal with the bottom flaring out.Possibility to have slit sides.

- Regnault de Montauban, volume 4, Ms-5075 Fol. 172r (1451-1500)
- Tacuinum sanitatis (14th-15th century)

Possible options:
- Exposed handmade seams
- V-neck or with amigaut
- Slits on the sides
- Material : linen (bleached or natural), hemp, silk

Price from 46€
Long braies
Long linen braies in use until the beginning of the 14th century.
The length is approximately mid-calf.
A drawstring allows each leg to be tightened below the knee.
Very useful when you put your separate hoses.
They are slit in the leg.
There are two eyelets that reveal the waistband to tie separate hoses.

- Rutland Psalter
- Maciejowski Bible

Possible options :
- Visible handmade seams
- Materials : linen or hemp

Linen price : 58€