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Late separate hoses
These hoses are no longer attached to the braies but to the doublet by a system of eyelets and laces.
They are still separate but are much more enveloping and show less of the braies.
They are joined at the back by a lace sewn to the back of the doublet.
For better mobility, the laces can be removed from the back and sides.

Possible options :
- visible handmade seams
- addition of stirrups or solid feet
- economic option (not histo but not visible): Replacement of the eyelets with a long loop on the inside to hold the shoes by a belt.
- colour : half party possible

Price : from 108€ (historical version)
75€ (economy version)
Early separate hoses
Traces of these hoses can be found over a very long period and several examples have been found.
They are common in the 13th century, evolve a lot during the 14th century but do not disappear because they last until the 15th century for some status.
They are made of wool and are attached to the belt of the braies in the 13th century.

- Haithabu (10th century, Viking)
- Herjolfsnes (1150-1530)
- Bocksten Man (1350)

Possible options :
- visible handmade seams
- addition of stirrups or solid feet

Price from 75€
Joined hoses
Joined hoses, appeared in the 15th century.
They are cut on the bias of the fabric to fit the shape of the legs. They may have stirrups (a strip of cloth passing under the foot) or full feet (like socks).
These hoses have several pairs of eyelets along the waistband so that they can be attached to the doublet.
They are rarely two-tone and may have a symbol on one thigh for noble status.

- Chroniques sire Jehan Froissart, Folio 328v
- The justice of Emperor Otto (Musée des Beaux Arts, Brussels)

Possible options :
- visible hand stitching
- addition of stirrups or solid feet
- addition of a decoration on the thigh
- wool of different thicknesses/quality

Price from 215€