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Early separate hoses
Traces of these hoses can be found over a very long period and several examples have been found.
They are common in the 13th century, evolve a lot during the 14th century but do not disappear because they last until the 15th century for some status.
They are made of wool and are attached to the belt of the braies in the 13th century.

- Haithabu (10th century, Viking)
- Herjolfsnes (1150-1530)
- Bocksten Man (1350)

Possible options :
- visible handmade seams
- addition of stirrups or solid feet

Price from 75€
Kragelund Tunic
Reproduction of the Kragelund tunic (1040-1155) found in Viborg, Denmark.
The collar is slit at the front and back and forms a V-shape when the tunic is worn.
The tunic has a central slit at the front and back and sleeves constructed in 3 parts.

- Unlined fine beige wool tunic, visible seams handmade with linen thread. Size L

Possible options:
- Different material
- With or without lining
- With or without central slits
- Visible handmade seams

Price : From 170€ (machine sewing)
Skjoldehamn hood
Hood based on the discovery of Skjoldehamn in Norway dating from 1050-1090.
The sex of the body found is not known with certainty, nor is it known whether he was Viking or Sami.

Possible options:
- visible seams handmade
- with or without lining

Price from 50