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Padded belt
Belt designed for the fighter who wishes to attach his armour legs in a comfortable way.
They are sold "naked". On request I can sew leather patches to your liking to attach your armour thighs.
They have 2 roller buckles to quickly adjust the belt to your size.
The leather used for the fastening is vegetable tanned and hand sewn for an unfailing solidity.

Price: from 70€.
Belt pouch with titanium
A belt pouch designed for the armoured fighter wishing to add concealed protection along his belt.
A plate of titanium between 1-1.2mm thick is riveted inside.
Handy for bringing a few spare laces into the battles or for added style.

Vegetable-tanned leather.

Model inspired by the 14th and 15th century London excavations.
Brass points
The points are end caps attached to the ends of the medieval laces, to facilitate their passage through the eyelets.

Length: 2.5cm
Diameter: 4mm

Price: 1€ for the ferret
Leather laces
Ideal for attaching armour pieces.

European vegetable tanned leather.
Rectangular section 4 mm x 2,5mm thick,
Length : 1 to 1,3 meters.

Price : 2€ /m
Torse - type 1
Woolen tortilla, reinforced with a second fabric of coarse canvas on the inside, with a woolen padding.
The seams are not visible.
Validated by the historicity committee for the buhurt competitions in fine version (photo of the red and white on the helmet).

Sources :
- Harley 4205 f. 11v (1445-1524)
- Great Equestrian Armorial of the Golden Fleece, 1429-1461
- KBR Bruxellensis IV 684 Brabantsche Yeesten (1425-1450)

Price: €35
Big points for laces
The points are end caps attached to the ends of the laces, to facilitate their passage through the eyelets.
Available in imitation gold or silver.

Length: 3.3cm
Diameter of the opening : 6mm basic, can be reduced by pinching the ferret to tighten the edges.

Price: 1€ / unit
Blunt rubber arrow
Rubber blunt, used in battle re-enactment.
They are attached to an arrow shaft in place of the metal point (never over it).
The use of blunt arrows requires practice.
They are safer but still dangerous, especially for the face.

Length: 43 mm
Compatible for shafts: 5/16" - 11/32" - 23/64"
Weight : 9g

Price : 1.20€ /unit