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Men's cotte / tunic 14th century
The cotte is worn by all statutes before the appearance of the pourpoint around 1360.
The length of the garment gradually shortens during 14th century between the knee and mid-thigh.
And the cut becomes more curved than in the 13th century on the bust with a flare created by gores that starts from the waist/hip.
The collar may be round, slit or buttoned.The sleeves can be buttoned on the forearms or straight but fitted.
The fullness of the sleeve over the forearm becomes normal sized and is no longer particularly wide as in the 13th century.

Possible options:
- With or without lining
- Exposed handmade seams
- Round, slit or buttoned collar
- Single or buttoned sleeve
- Centre front and back slit

Source :
- Bocksten man's boot
- Luttrell Psalter
- Livre des propriétés des choses (Paris, Bibl. Sainte-Geneviève, ms. 1029)
Price from 160€ (tunic without buttons with gores on sides, front and back)
Linen coiff - 2 parts
Linen coiff, common from the 12th century onwards.
It can be tied under the chin. Can be worn alone or with another headdress (straw hat, hood, etc.).

A two-piece model was used in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Sources :
- Maciejowski Bible
- Belgium Psalter, J. Paul Getty Museum, 1280

Possible option:
- Visible handmade seams
- Material: linen or hemp
- Colour : white or natural

Price : 15€
Men's surcoat mid-14th century
A surcoat with elbow patches (or helles) is a garment worn over a cotte between 1340 and 1360.
The term cotte-hardie is sometimes used for this surcoat.
It has a central button opening, several gores under the waistband to give a nice fullness, and short sleeves extending into a strip of fabric.

Possible options:
- visible handmade seams
- with or without lining (mandatory for elbow pads)
- plain or two-tones
- fabric or metal buttons

Sources :
The Peacock's Vows, MS G.24 fol. 56r (1350)
Funeral slab of Friedrich von Hohenlohe (1354)
Bodley 264 Romance of Alexander fol.143v (1338-1344)

Price: from €310