Behind Artefact : Julie Codina

I graduated in textile engineering in 2011 and joined the world of historical re-enactment at the same time.

There, I took my first steps as a fighter, but it is necessary to dress well when you take off the armour. I then became interested in the making of historical costumes and leather work.

This hobby became a passion and I later founded Artefact in 2017.

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

A franco-belgian company

I am french but the course of life led me to move to Belgium where I have been living for some years.

Artefact was first based in France, but since 2022 the company is Belgian. My workshop is in Profondeville, near Namur.

Skills and learning

I followed classical training in sewing during my studies. I later bettered my skills  by specialising into historical costumes.

In order to offer costumes that are timely accurate, I am particularly interested in historical sources. I regularly expand my library with books written by experts (archaeologists, researchers, historians), and I exchange with other enthusiasts and professionals of this period.

My textile training naturally led me to costume making, but I am no less attracted to leather work. Since then, I expanded my know-how with this material, which I can use for certain accessories.

Ma formation textile m'a naturellement dirigée vers la confection de costumes, mais je n'ai pas moins d'attrait pour le travail du cuir.
Je me suis donc aussi formée sur le travail de cette matière que je peux travailler pour certains accessoires.

Odoo • Texte et Image