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Linen coiff - 2 parts
Linen coiff, common from the 12th century onwards.
It can be tied under the chin. Can be worn alone or with another headdress (straw hat, hood, etc.).

A two-piece model was used in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Sources :
- Maciejowski Bible
- Belgium Psalter, J. Paul Getty Museum, 1280

Possible option:
- Visible handmade seams
- Material: linen or hemp
- Colour : white or natural

Price : 15€
Touret & Barbette
This 13th century feminine headdress is reserved for the nobility.
It is composed of 2 parts:
- the touret is the piece placed in the crown
- the barbette, the one that goes under the chin
The touret is held in place by pinning to the back of the skull.This headdress evolves throughout the century, on the photos it is a plausible model around 1250. It can be worn with braided hair or with a net holding the hair.