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Rectangular purse
Purse are found over a long period of time in the Middle Ages, from the 12th to the 15th century.
The most common one is rectangular, with two drawstrings running through the weave of the fabric.
The corners and ends of the cords are often decorated with tassels.
In the 13th century they were mixed and were luxury items. They became more commonly worn by women in the 14th century.
They are usually worn between the inner and outer dresses, which is why they are often concealed in the representations.

- Statue from Brunswick Cathedral, ca . 1225-1250 Henry the Lion
- Maciejowski Bible 1250
- Met Museum "Purse with Two Figures under a Tree" 14th century
- La Suplantació de sant Esteve nounat pel diable 1495-1500

Price : begin from 45€
Leather purse
Leather purses, used over a long period in the Middle Ages.
Fragments were found at the Haithabu (Viking) excavations, and similar ones at the London excavations from 1150 to 1380.
Browsing through 13th century illuminations, one also finds depictions of purses attached to braies.

Details :
- size approx. 13x18cm
- vegetable tanned goat leather
- hand sewn with a thread of woven linen
- application of a nourishing and protective wax based on beeswax

Possible options :
- dimensions to measure
- Choice of colours

Price : from 37€