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    The houppelande is a surcoat worn during the second half of the 14th century until the beginning of the 15th century.
    They were particularly fashionable between 1390 and 1410.
    The shape of the sleeves evolved, and there were wide straight ones that could be folded over the arm to show the lining and the sleeves of the pourpoint.
    The most emblematic are the sleeves that flare out into a very wide opening, others can be tightened in one go on the wrist.
    The length is variable, with openings in the collar, the whole length or without openings.
    The collar of the puffer changes a lot, from non-existent to oversized. At the height of fashion it is extremely long, reaching the chin or even the ears.
    They can be decorated with brass appliques, and emblems.

    - Tacuinum sanitatis - Cod.Vindob. S. n.2644, folio 67r. (1390)
    - The Houppelande of John of Görlitz

    Possible options :
    - length, collar, opening, variable sleeves
    - materials: wool, silk, velvet
    - lining: silk, fur, linen, blanket- visible handmade seams

    Price : from 295€ (for short length, under buttocks)