Sleeveless women's shirt

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    Sleeveless shirt 2nd half 14th and 15th century.
    Simple interpretation based on available sources.
    There is a shirt top dated to the end of the 15th century which has been found and preserved.
    It is quite complex and plays a real supporting role for the chest, but one can assume that there are simpler models when one looks at the whole set of representations.
    The shirt is fitted with a linen belt that can be adjusted with a needle.There is a natural pleating formed by the bending.

    -Codices vindobonenses 2759-2764 - Austrian National Library - Vienna
    - Codex of Jenský Czech Rep. IV.B.24, f. 78v - 1490-1510
    - Castle Ranis, Thuringen (Germany) - Folder dated 14th century found, photographed and then lost.

    Possible options :
    - Exposed handmade seams
    - Round collar, V-neck or with amigaut
    - Material: linen (bleached or natural), hemp
    - Thinner straps
    - Embroidery on straps

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