Hood 13th century

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    A hood model worn in the 13th century, it is relatively short and without a cornette (= a tail at the end of the hood that is more or less long).
    At the end of the 12th - beginning of the 13th century it was worn by workers. Around 1250 it is found on women.
    Towards the middle of the 13th century, the hood is worn by all classes of society, the materials used indicate the status. It is often represented split on the front, but it is also found closed and more rarely with 1 button.

    - Maciejowski Bible, fol. 17V; ca. 1250
    - Cambridge University Library; MS Ee.3.59; fol. 4v.
    - New Latin acquisition 16251. Fol. 69v. St Matthew

    Possible options:
    - with or without lining
    - lining in linen, hemp, fur or silk
    - visible handmade seams

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