Doublet with maheutres

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    From 1450 onwards, this doublet is frequently represented. It was worn in several European countries but the Italian fashion was different.
    It is shown open on the shirt in front and on the sleeves (up to maheutres).
    We also find it less open with the edges of the collar coming together. Manuscript depictions often show it covered with the upper robe which hides many parts of the garment.

    - Le Mirouer historial de VINCENT de Beauvais
    - Chronicles of Sire JEHAN FROISSART

    Possible options :
    - Material: wool, brocade, silk, velvet
    - With or without lining
    - Visible handmade seams
    - Type of lacing / number of eyelets
    - Closed or open cut on the shirt

    Price: from 350€ (unlined)

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