Cloak demi-circular

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    Cloak also called mantel in the shape of a half circle. It exists throughout the Middle Ages.
    In the 13th century it was reserved for nobles (men and women) to show their status, it was a ceremonial garment which was always lined.
    The length is between mid-calf and ankles.
    The cloak is closed by a cord or a ribbon woven and tied on each side of the opening. Depending on the position of the closure, a hood can be created with the fold of the fabric.
    It is usually made of wool with a fur or silk lining and can be worn with a hood made of the same fabric (sign of wealth). For royal status, special occasions (e.g. coronation) or for some religious people, the fabric can be silk or silk brocade on the outside.

    Sources :
    - The Crusader Bible MS M.638, fol. 39r (13th century)

    Possible options:
    - visible handmade seams
    - special lining (fur, brocade)
    - outer fabric other than wool (silk, brocade)

    Price from : 258€ (wool with silk lining)

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