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    The gonfanon banner appears in texts from the 11th century, but it is depicted as early as the 9th-10th
    century in the St Omer Bible.
    In 13th century sources it appears to be attached by laces to the shaft of a lance. In the 14th and 15th centuries the laces seem to be used less, the staff seems to be inserted in the banner.
    The gonfanon is characterised by its axis at right angles to the staff.
    I make these banners in linen, most often with applied designs (fabric cut then sewn), or when there is more detail by painting.

    Sources :
    - Bayeux Tapestry (11th century)
    - BL Royal 2 A XXII Westminster Psalter (13th century)
    - BNF Arsenal 593 Speculum Humanae Salvationis - Folio 332 (14th century)
    - Morgan M.804 Chronicles - f.257 (15th century)

    Possible options :
    - emblem on 1 or 2 sides
    - 1 or more points
    - other fabric possible: silk, cotton
    - visible handmade seams